GRID Security Services Ltd recognizes that an integral part of any successful organization is dedicated and dedicated workers. We are proud to hire hard-working and dedicated security managers. Providing advanced, customer-focused security services, the integrated team maintains strong working partnerships with its customers.

We at GRID Security Services Ltd understand the importance of our security workforce reaping the rewards of success. Amidst the many challenges and changes in the legislation, GRID Security Services Ltd has always been at the forefront of providing support. Through regular training, GRID Security Services Ltd seeks to guide those who are part of our organization. We seek to build empowering relationships between our officials and management, which we believe are the foundation of our workforce.

Through these actions, we have since attracted high-level security personnel looking to improve their reputation within the organization. A true testament to our philosophies, and we have found our best engagement strategy to be word of mouth marketing, whether it be potential recruitment or client acquisition.

Distribution strategy

Our distribution strategy is based on a strong issue that ensures that all our customer needs are met. As security officials, we want to:

  • Varied Experiences
  • Advanced Communication Skills verbal and Written
  • Initiative and Autonomous Thinking skills
  • Legislative awareness
  • Industry Knowledge

We are a great motivator for those who are driven to succeed, and we not only look for the best in the company but also the personal development of our employees.

Induction Process

Prior to being assigned to a site, new officers undertake an Integrated Verification process. This includes information on company policies and procedures, as well as a comprehensive overview of customer needs. Once awarded, officers complete induction training in all facets of occupational, health, and safety aspects both in general and on site-specific areas.

Ongoing Support

We offer all our security personnel the comfort of 24/7 support. With our regular online access, all employees are connected to a network of support services. These institutions include security managers, project managers, business managers, and state or regional operational managers. We also provide clients with continuous access to senior management and on-site to ensure seamless processes and efficient efforts.